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Liability Disclaimer

I hereby declare that I am, to the best of my knowledge, physically healthy and capable of participating in the above mentioned competition. As far as I am aware I am not suffering from any chronical diseases of the cardio-vascular system, lungs and breathing apparatus, ears, or suffering of any other diseases that would impede my ability to participate in the Apnea sport and therefore in this competition. I furthermore state, that I am not currently on any medication that might influence my performance or pose a health risk under strenuous exercise. Should my physical condition be subject to any negative change in the above sense, I will report to the executive committee of the competition and cease any further diving attempts. I have been fully informed of all aspects of apnea diving through participation in applicable and accepted courses and seminars. I am fully aware of all risks involved in apnea diving, including hypoxy, shallow water blackout, blood shift and general barotraumas. I will, without fail, follow all instructions of the executive committee and the safety personal. This applies in particular to any safety relevant instructions given during the actual diving attempts. I am aware that any failure to follow these instructions may lead to immediate exclusion from the competition. I will not hold AIDA Germany, any members of its board or the organisation itself, the safety personal or any other persons associated with it, to be responsible or to be blamed in the case of any accidents or damage to my health stemming from the participation in the competition. I will furthermore not pursue legal steps against them in any of these cases. My participation in this competition and therefore in any diving attempts is purely at my own risk. The above limitation of responsibility does not extend to criminal negligence or malicious intent. I am aware that my participation in the specific diving attempts is purely voluntary. DISCLAIMER: In the case of any legal problems arising as a result of the participation in the competition and covered in the above text, the German original will be used as a legal basis. Any problems or misunderstandings caused by this translation of that original are not valid.

Liability Disclaimer

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